“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.”
–B. B. King

Two of the most common questions I get as a coach are ‘What Agile certification should I get?’ and ‘Is there any value in getting an Agile certificate? There is a lot of buzz about Agile certifications. There are also a lot of myths and misconceptions. 

Here are 5 myths that I come across most often:

  1. Certifications are only for newbies- 

Typically stated by wise seniors and veterans. Not true as what was true 3 years ago is not true today. There are many advanced level certifications.

  1. After certification, I am an expert!- 

Wrong, most certifications show you the path or provide you with foundational knowledge and get you jump-started after which you have to still be intentional about learning and practice. It is a journey!

  1. Certification will/will not get me a new job- 

Two camps on this one. One camp thinks that  certifications get people jobs whereas the other camp thinks they don’t. What do you think? Why?

  1. What’s the point? Everyone is certified!- 

Yes, everyone has a bachelor’s degree too. Why did you get one? Don’t be left behind. Learn, evolve, and grow through continuous learning.

  1. All Agile Certifications are the same. I already have CSM, I am good.-

Nah, not true at all. Agile has grown exponentially, and there are several bodies of knowledge that can prepare you to deliver with impact

Certifications get a bad rep. It is true that they  are not a silver bullet. They were never meant to be! Simply stated, a certification is validation that you know what you’re doing and have invested time and resources to learn the skills needed to succeed…

Do you know your career goals? Do you know what you need to learn to succeed? As a career coach and mentor, I am happy to help you navigate your journey. Please book a mentoring session if interested.