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Toby’s Upcoming Events

1.  Facilitate ICAgile Certified Agile Coach Training March 27 – April 4, 2021
2. Facilitate ICAgile Coach Boot Camp Training May 2021
3. Speaker/Agile Presentation, at Agile NCR, India December 2021

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Toby’s presentations and workshops

Toby is passionate about sharing his knowledge and has presented at global, national, regional, and local conferences and meetups. Here are some of his presentations

1. Agile Alliance Agile2018 (Aug 2018)San Diego, CA.

2. Scaled Agile SAFe Summit 2018 (October 2018)Washington DC

3. Agile Alliance Agile2019 (August 2019)Washington DC

4. Agile and Beyond Conference (May-2019)Detroit, MI.

5. PMIWDC Shenandoah Valley (October-2019)Winchester, VA

6. Agile Professionals Meetup (October-2019)Sterling, VA

7. PMIWDC Fair lakes (February-2020)Fairfax, VA

8. Agile Charm Conference (February-2020)Baltimore, MD

9. Agility4All Meetup (April-2020)Reston, VA

10. Leadership Tribe (June-2020)United Kingdom

11. Leadership Tribe (July-2020)United Kingdom

12. Agile Coaches for VUCA World (August-2020)Virginia

13. Agile Colombia Conference (August-2020) South America

14. Loudoun Agile Network (November-2020)Virginia

15. Agile Istanbul Conference (November-2020)Turkey

16. Scrum Alliance Regional Scrum Gathering (November-2020)Hyderabad, India

17. Scrum Alliance Regional Scrum Gathering (January-2120)Kolkata, India

18. Expert Agile Club (January-2021)Worldwide

19. Agile 20 Reflect Festival (February-2021)Herndon, Virginia

20. Agile 20 Reflect Festival (February-2021)United Kingdom

21. A20 Agile Conference Kickoff (February-2021)Washington DC

22. PMIWDC Fair lakes (February-2021)Fairfax, VA.

Some video clips from Toby’s Events


2 Agile Fundamentals & Refresher 

3 Enhance communication in Agile Teams with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) 

4 Why your SAFe transformation will fail without OCM

5 Why is Communication Important?

6 Communication is Hard

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