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New Layer “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” New Layer Lao Tzu Better outcomes through Coaching, and Process improvements


About Toby…

Toby is a professional coach, mentor, and trainer. He specializes in developing the capability of individuals, teams, and organizations through coaching and consulting. He is a Certified Coach in the areas of Agile Transformation, Agile Coaching. He also holds certifications in the fields of NLP, Leadership, Executive, Organizational, and Emotional Intelligence coaching

As an Enterprise Leadership Coach, Toby uses his 25+ years of experience in IT, Business and operations management to relate to the needs of his clients and effectively coach them, and help them accomplish their fullest potential and achieve their goals.

Toby utilizes his core beliefs in agile values and principles to drive positive change through training, consulting, and coaching methods. He is a strong community builder known for his passion for developing the world’s next generation of leaders. He regularly speaks at local, regional, and global agile conferences.

Specialty Areas


Transformation is a complex journey. Are you ready to align your organization’s strategy with your  desired culture and values in order to produce an engaged workforce with exceptional organizational outcomes?


Professional coaching for Executives, Managers, Teams and team members. Coaching is a really powerful process if you are ready to work and make the changes you want. Be prepared to be challenged and see things in a new light.


Deep expertise in business agility, scaling processes, leadership development, talent assessment, strategic talent management, and organization development


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  • By - toby.rao@gmail.com
  • On 29 December, 2020

5 reasons why your Agile transition is struggling. (and can get derailed!)

Agile adoption and more specifically the transition from Waterfall to Agile frameworks is bumpy and often tedious. Across the industry, more and more teams are facing challenges and are unable to produce the desired results and value. There is a sharp increase in the number of pseudo Agile projects and Agile projects that are struggling to […]

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  • By - toby.rao@gmail.com
  • On 29 December, 2020

7 Ways YOU can Overcome the Fear of Change!

As a Coach, I see a myriad of examples where the person understands the context for change, knows the benefits of making the change, is aware of the consequences of not making the change, but still does not start the journey due to a fear of change. Fear is a natural and common response to […]