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I now feel confident about my path: 'Driven by my lack of clarity around my career path, I requested Toby to Coach me. After a few sessions with him – not only do I have clarity, I now feel confident about my path and I know exactly what I must do to accomplish my goals. Toby is the best coach I've had. Take it from a former collegiate athlete!'  ~ Robert Kyle Bourgeois

I now feel confident about my path

Robert Kyle Bourgeois
'Toby is one of those rare individuals who has both technical expertise AND knows how to communicate with individuals in meaningful ways. He is client-focused, a team player likes to collaborate, and seeks input from others to identify the best possible solution or approach. Toby is very committed to his clients and colleagues and goes the extra mile when needed to meet clients' needs. Toby is able to translate technical and conceptual ideas and provide a "big picture" view to clients. He's also an all-around positive and pleasant colleague, and a pleasure to work with.' ~ Connie Freeman, Leadership Consultant and Coach

Committed to his clients

Connie Freeman - Leadership Consultant and Coach
  "Toby was great to work with. He is patient and encourages you to look at the situation through different lenses. I had a great time talking to him and getting a sense of how important it is to get a good coach who can help you see and realize things differently." M. Arora, Holland, Netherlands

Encourages you to look at the situation through different lenses.

Mukund Arora