• Toby Rao
  • (571) 246-8629
  • toby.rao@gmail.com

Presentations and Workshops


Toby's presentations and workshops


Toby is passionate about sharing his knowledge and has presented at global, national, regional, and local conferences and meetups.

Here is a glimpse of his past and upcoming talks:

Global SAFe Summit 2017             Washington DC                                 2017

Agile Alliance’s Agile2018              San Diego CA                                     2018

Agile Alliance Agile2019                 Washington DC                                 2019

Agile & Beyond 2019                       Detroit, MI                                          2019

Agile Charm                                        Baltimore, MD                                   2020

AgileCo                                                 Colombia, South America             2020

Regional Scrum Gathering            Hyderabad, India                              2020